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China, US diplomats clash over human rights, pandemic origin

abcnews.go.com |  9 hours |  explore 

More pedestrians killed in crashes in 2020 despite less traffic amid the pandemic

abcnews.go.com |  16 hours |  explore 

Texas Is Beta-Testing a New Model of White Supremacy in American History Classes

esquire.com |  21 hours |  explore |  445 comments

Russian President Putin says relations with US at lowest point in years

jpost.com |  1 day |  explore |  3967 comments

Critical race theory is a lucrative obsession for Republicans because the party is offended by the political focus on racism and racial justice

businessinsider.com |  21 hours |  explore |  452 comments

Joe Manchin: the Democrat who holds the fate of Bidens agenda in his hands

theguardian.com |  1 hour |  explore 

How Republicans came to embrace the big lie of a stolen election

theguardian.com |  1 hour |  explore 

Joe Biden is coming face-to-face with a Europe that grew much more powerful during Trumps presidency

businessinsider.com |  22 hours |  explore |  58 comments

Fed explores once in a century bid to remake the U.S. dollar

politico.com |  5 hours |  explore |  143 comments

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