• Save content to your public and private feeds with a browser bookmarklet.
  • Browse public feeds of other users. Example.
  • TinyGem intelligently finds and shows discussions on Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter for all your saved links.
  • Intelligent links to discussions

  • TinyGem's Discover feature automatically surfaces personalized content recommendations based on your interests and the history of your saved links. The content will be matched with machine learning from a number of curated sources around the web including:
    • Hacker News
    • Reddit
    • lobste.rs
    • tildes.net
    • Github trending
    • Pocket
    • Flipboard
    • Pinboard
    • Product hunt
    • Arxiv trending

    Automated content recommendations

  • Automatically generates article summaries for saved links
  • Export all your links as a bookmark file at any time
  • API to create new links
  • Free to use

To start using TinyGem, register a free account and copy the bookmarklets to your browser favorites.