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Top CDC official warns US not ready for next pandemic

thehill.com |  1 day |  explore |  345 comments

Saudi Arabia bans foreigners from hajj over Covid concerns

theguardian.com |  22 hours |  explore |  25 comments

Stock investors are poised to miss out on soaring oil prices with energy only making up 2% of portfolios, BofA says

markets.businessinsider.com |  21 hours |  explore 

Impact of vaccination on new SARS-CoV-2 infections in the United Kingdom

nature.com |  2 days |  explore |  9 comments

Biden has convinced allies America is back, says Frances Macron

thehill.com |  19 hours |  explore |  64 comments

Partys over: Amsterdam plans to keep tourists in penis outfits away

theguardian.com |  1 day |  explore |  232 comments

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